Community Plant A Tree Project

We understand the importance of every single tree and we offer everyone a chance to create real, palpable change in the green landscapes of Ireland.

Community Plant A Tree Project
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This project is about engaging individuals to contribute directly to the reforestation of Ireland. Based on your contribution, our team will select the variety of tree to plant considering the specific environment and its suitability. It is our way of making sure that every tree we plant has the maximum potential to support wildlife, tackle the climate crisis, and improve our landscapes.

Furthermore, this project does more than just reforest areas; it also works on creating a lasting legacy of environmental stewardship amongst communities. By empowering local individuals and organizations to take part, we ensure that the knowledge and importance of ecological balance are passed through generations. The strategic placement of each tree, tailored by our team to match the precise ecological needs of the area, ensures that these trees grow strong and provide critical habitat corridors that enable wildlife to thrive and migrate safely.

The Project

Project Updates

  • 17 April 2024

    Plant a tree

    5 native tree recently planted for the newest member of the Wild Gaia community

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From the Fruit and Nut Trees, which create a haven for wildlife with their lush blossoms and fruits, to the Native Irish Trees that form the framework of our indigenous habitats, your decision to aid us in this initiative helps us combat the climate crisis while promoting local biodiversity.

Initially, our plantations will focus on County Down and we're excited to expand into Wicklow as of winter 2024/25.

Fruit & Nut Trees
Fruit & Nut Trees - $30

Bringing a diversity of wildlife, pollinators, and visually stunning blossoms, fruit & nut trees also provide an abundance of fruitful feast for creatures like red squirrels and pine martens.


Native Irish Trees
Native Irish Trees - $20

Native trees are the backbone of Irish habitats. Trees like Oak, Rowan, Willow, Alder, and Scot's Pine are excellent support structures for various wildlife.


Naturalised Trees
Naturalised Trees - $10

Quick to grow and beautiful through the seasons, Field Maple, Norway Maple, Beech, and Hornbeam are excellent tools for carbon sequestration.


To ensure your contribution feels real and tangible, we'll provide you with a photo and grid reference of your tree, fostering a stronger sense of connection with your new green addition to Ireland's canopy. Plus, we extend a promise that should a sapling fail within its first five years, we'll replace it at no extra cost to you.

Planting a tree  is just another addition to our ever-growing catalogue of environmental efforts which you can take part via our subscription page here.

habitats this project will impact Habitats Impacted

  • Heathland
  • Woodland and scrub

species this project will impact Species Impacted

  • All Native Trees
  • Fruit and Nut
  • Naturalised Trees

The Team

catriona porter

catriona porter


cormac loughran

cormac loughran


jazmin creaney

jazmin creaney


karl hamilton

karl hamilton

Raptor Ecologist

philip leathem

philip leathem

Photographer / Videographer

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